Innovation Lab

Innovation is the engine that powers our performance. To keep that engine in perpetual motion, we strategically cultivate innovation throughout our organization.

We have been involved in various innovation projects in our in-house lab, on-shore and off-shore with our clients.

We always try to manufature high quality NeatyKitty Cat Litter products which meet the modern world’s demands for high-quality, environmentally-friendly. Much of this work is carried out in partnership with customers and research organisations, in a process that involves them at every stage of the development cycle – from idea to production.

A focus on the quality, cleanliness and routine performance checks on the NeatyKitty bentonite for cat litter ensures continued customer satisfaction and broad market acceptance through a variety of wholesale and retail outlets. Keep Kitty happy and clean with our user friendly cat litter.

Quality is a way of life in Neaty kitty. To respond to changing needs and to remain current with modern technology, we invest regularly in Research and Development. The independent R & D division of the group is located in Mandvi Kachchh, Gujarat (India).

A highly qualified research team constantly strives to improve the quality of existing products and also develop new products that meet world standards.