About Us

“We care your cat and believe it’s our part of family hence we feel it’s our responsibility to give you environment friendly natural product so all can stay healthy including surrounding.”

Who We Are...

We, Elements India Company, are manufacture of “Neaty Kitty” brand of Cat Litter products located in Mandvi "Kutch" ("Kachchh") (State-Gujarat, country –India). Our facility is located within very near range of one of the two largest Ports in India (Mundra, 70 odd km far and Kandla, 120 odd km far).

Bentonite mines are within 50 km radius and this helps in reducing the overhead costs.

The region (Kachchh) has abundance of high quality of Bentonite clay (Sodium and Calcium types) resources available and it is getting almost of 9-10 months uninterrupted natural sun light (due to the less monsoon season) which really good for making high quality products with removing extent moisture from it during initially drying and activation processes.

We have very strong passionate team who are dedicatedly working for manufacturing high quality Cat Litter products including identifying the raw materials, purification, processing various level of testing, packaging, and domestic and overseas shipment as per committed all parameters and timeline.

Having experienced research team who all are continuously working with all the stack holders from identifier of the raw material, processing team, manufacturing team, testing team, pet shop owners and pet owners to do research for making always better quality and innovative product and making better experience each time.

Product support and services...

In today’s competitive markets, quality products have to be supported by quality service. At Elements India, we have established specialized service departments to make you feel at home in the pet industry.

We are committed to serving our customers with fast, dependable, reliable, and high-quality service. Pleasing our customers is our number one priority.

We are keen to receive comments, feedback and suggestions about any aspect of our products or our service delivery. Hearing from our customers helps us understand what works for you and to concentrate our efforts on improving products and services.