NeatyKitty Cat Litter

NeatyKitty Cat Litter

Premium quality Cat Litter made from Natural Sodium Bentonite Clay. It has very high liquid absorption rate and clumps quickly added with anti-bacterial formulas. It is non-toxic which offers ultimate care for your beloved cat.

Most obstacles faced during Cat Litter usage

  • Litter makes Crumbling Clump which prevents to remove with ease?
  • Urine seepage at bottom of Litter box?
  • Fed up with Stinky smells from Litter box?
  • Litter makes Dusting cloud while pouring in Litter box?
  • Spending more $ on Cat Litter usage?
  • Sick of spending time on Litter tracking cleaning?

How our product/s overcomes your obstacles:

  • Quick Clumping - It has a highly absorbent formula which absorbs faster and clumps quickly. This makes cleaning a breeze as its mess-free easy cleanup.
  • Superior Odor Control - It contains fresh fragrant heavy duty odor eliminators. Unique anti-odor formula eliminates obnoxious odor including ammonia. And instant absorbent formula traps odor inside the clumps.
  • No Crumbling - Strong and crumble free clumps for easy cleanup (scooping).
  • Long Lasting - Less litter usage hence lasts for long period of time.
  • Soft Touch - Fine Texture Of Natural Bentonite Clay Granules Gives Your Beloved Cat A Naturally Soft Feel.