Mrs. Marsh (NZ)

Been using NeatyKitty and it works great. It works well with one cat or multiple cat household. Even without constant scooping it could quite keep the odors at bay.

Mrs. Rose (AUS)

NeatyKitty works really great! I love that it is natural clay and my picky cats like it too. Minimal dust and tracking.

Mr. Ramprakash (IND)

Love this litter! Worth the price and it goes further. Actually more economical than you would think. I have tried many brands and I am sticking with this one (NeatyKitty).

Mrs. Sharma (IND)

I swear this litter used to clump more effectively. I don't know if there's been a change in the product composition, the way my cats use the litter box, or if it's my imagination.