• Selected high quality Natural clay helps to do strong hard Clumping
  • Crystalline porous structure of Volcanic Clays absorbs excess liquid
  • Researched and Proven formulas destroys unwanted Urine smell
  • Anti-bacterial formula helps to check bacterial growth
  • Very soft on Paws...Prevents Tracking


We've been working very diligently to develop a world class high quality Cat Litter products which can fit in all dimension from Clumping to Odor control and Tracking to Anti-Bacterial. Inviting all breeders, pet shop owners, distributors and consumers to join our company by building partnerships that will help all stakeholders to reach higher pinnacle.

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For Clumping Cat Litter

3600 Shield

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Very fine soft granules with unique anti-bacterial formula...

Simply Clumpy

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Highly absorbent clay helps to absorb more liquid and make harder clumping...

Cat Litter Deodorizer and Cat Tree

Fresh Air - Cat Litter Deodorizer

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Naturally removes stubborn cat litter box odors...

Cat Tree

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Made from high quality sturdy pressed wood and soft faux fur for comfort...

Cat Litter Scooper and Box

Easy Scoopy Scooper

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Helps to easy to clean up messes...

Cat Litter Box

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Gives large cats room to shake off litter inside...

Cat Naturally Excrete in soft Clay

Made it with Natural Sodium Bentonite and Attapulgite Clay, having three dimensional crystalline structures with larger surface area and high porosity which helps to absorb the odor, trap the water/moisture and surround the feces.


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